International Studies Minor

Required Courses

  • HIS1023 or HIS1043 World Civilization since 1660
  • SOC3063 World Cultures
  • PSC4093 International Relations

Elective Courses (Choose any three)

  • PSC4233 Comparative Politics in the Middle East
  • PSC4243 Comparative Politics in Africa
  • PSC4253 South Asian Politics
  • HIS4233 or PSC4103 American Foreign Policy
  • PSC3353 Contemporary U.S. - Eurasia Interaction
  • HIS3493 Twentieth Century Europe
  • MGM4193 International Business
  • GEO3153 Geography of Latin America
  • GEO3043 Economic Geography
  • GEO3173 Geography of the Pacific
  • GEO3183 Geography of Europe