Geography Courses

GEO 1023 (GEOG1103)
Introduction to Geography

Presents the nature of geographic study; illustrates world conditions, environmental and cultural; introduces map reading; and examines basic concepts.

GEO 2163 (GEOG2103)
World Geography

An examination of geographic development on the several continents. Emphasis on cultural features.

GEO 3033
United States and Canada

An examination of the regional structure, its origins, influences on development, and interdependent operation.

GEO 3153
Geography of Latin America

Presents an investigation into the geography of this volatile region with special attention paid to the problems of economic development of Latin America. Topics include population, industrialization, urbanization, political instability, and environmental change.

GEO 3173
Geography of the Pacific

A study of the lands, peoples, resources, and contemporary problems of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific culture areas of Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia.

GEO 3183
Geography of Europe

This course is intended as a regional geography of Europe, which includes analyses of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the areas in the former Soviet Union. Topics for consideration include physical geography, historical development, and political and economic issues confronting the region.

GEO 4043, 5043
Economic Geography

Describes the main world economies, considers influences on economic location and locational analysis.