Music (BA)

The program

This degree is appropriate for students who wish to major in music as part of a liberal arts program irrespective of specific career aspirations.  It serves students who seek a broad program of general music study, rather than intense specialization during the undergraduate years.  It is a program designed for maximum flexibility, allowing for elective coursework and study in a minor field.  It is offered through the Department of Music of Ellis College.

The faculty

Our professors encourage ingenuity, and seek to guide students through a creative and unique program of study.  We bring to the classroom years of academic training and professional experience, and provide students with a broad range of musical knowledge and skill.  Because our classroom sizes tend to be small, we are able to offer individualized instruction and personal attention to each and every student. 

The results

Students graduating with our Bachelor of Arts degree possess a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of music scholarship, and are prepared to further their studies in a broad range of specialties.  Our recent graduates have pursued careers in music therapy, business and the recording industry, fine arts administration and promotion, church music, and civic and community outreach.


Department of Music, Henderson State University  
Russell Fine Arts Center 
1100 Henderson Street, HSU Box 7733 
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001 
Phone: 870-230-5036