Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics offers programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in pure mathematics, teacher licensure, computer science, and statistics. In addition, minors in mathematics, computer science, and statistics are also available.

The programs

Mathematics and Statistics
Computer Science

Whether you're interested in theoretical or practical applications of computer science and mathematics, our team of professors can give you a well-rounded knowledge base to pursue your desired career path. In this department, the focus is on critical thinking and the creative use technology to communicate concepts in a variety of ways.

The faculty

You'll find faculty who are knowledgeable in their fields and skilled at providing support to students to maximize learning. Small classes sizes and a variety of teaching styles means you'll get a personalized education. 

The results

A degree from the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics provides a strong foundation for graduate study and prepares you for a variety of rewarding careers in industries such as education, banking, securities, market research, insurance, manufacturing, technology, wholesale and retail trade, and government agencies. Courses in the computer science degree program are also designed to provide the technical skills needed in other disciplines.


Dr. Carolyn Eoff, Chair
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
1100 Henderson Street, Box 7702
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001

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