Social Sciences Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the general degree requirements, students will take one of the following as appropriate to his or her thesis/project area:

HIS   6583                 History Research Seminar 
PSC  6183                 Seminar in Politics

Students will also complete 5-6 courses (15-18 hours) from among the following:

ANT  5053                 World Cultures (cross-listed as SOC5063)*
ANT  5058                 Readings in Anthropology*
GEO 5213                 Human Geography*
GEO 5043                 Geo-Political Economies*
HIS   5003                 Women in Europe from the Fall of Rome to the French Revolution*
HIS   5073                 Social and Political Thought (cross-listed as PSC5073) *
HIS   5153                 The Rise of American Diversity
HIS   5163                 The Age of Social Movements
HIS   5173                 Rights, Freedoms, and Justice*
HIS   5183                 Early Modern Europe, 1350-1789:  Ideas and Culture in a Changing World
HIS   5203                 The New World: Cultural Encounters in Latin America and the  Atlantic
HIS   5233                 American Foreign Policy*
HIS   5253                 African Kingdoms 
HIS   5263                 Arkansas and the Southwest
HIS   5273                 Islam and the West
HIS   5283                 American Constitutional Development (cross-listed as PSC 5053) *
HIS   5293                 The Old South
HIS   5303                 Sex and Gender in Africa*
HIS   5333                 American Women’s History*
HIS   5343                 Africa in the American South
HIS   5373                 The African American Experience*
HIS   5443                 Medieval Europe: The Age of Faith*
HIS   5463                 Renaissance and Reformation Europe*
HIS   5603                 Tudor/Stuart England: from Reformation to Revolution
HIS   5613                 Tudors on Film:  History from Source to Screen*
HIS   5623                 Modern German History
HIS   5643                 French Revolution and Napoleon
HIS   5683                 The Modern Middle East
HIS   5693                 African History: From Conquest to Independence, 1880 to the Present
HIS   5713                 Social and Political Thought (cross-listed as PSC 5073) *
HIS   5723                 The Paranormal and American Culture*
HIS   5733                 Religion in American History and Life*
HIS   6563                 Readings in History +
HIS   6583                 Research Seminar
PSC  5053                American Constitutional Development (cross-listed as HIS 5283)*
PSC  5063                Public Administration/ Public Management
PSC  5073                Social and Political Thought (cross-listed as HIS 5073) *
PSC  5093                International Relations
PSC  5103                American Foreign Policy*
PSC  5133                Political Behavior
PSC  5163                Public Policy
PSC  5173                Rights, Freedoms, and Justice
PSC  5203                Popular Culture and American Politics*
PSC  5223                The American Presidency
PSC  5233                Comparative Politics in the Middle East
PSC  5243                Comparative Politics in Africa
PSC  5253                South Asian Politics
PSC  5303                Research Methods
PSC  6183                Seminar in Politics
PSC  6983                Special Topics in Political Science
PSY  5353                Psychology in Literature*
PSY  5723                Psychology of Religion*
SOC 5043                Sociology of Education
SOC 5063                World Cultures (cross-listed as ANT 5053) *
SOC 5163                Social Movements and Change
SOC 5183                Death and Dying
SOC 5253                Group Dynamics
SOC 5263                Stratification and Poverty
SOC 5273                Community Service
SOC 5293                Sex and Gender*
SOC 5303                Urban Sociology*
SOC 5603                Women and Law*      

Students will also complete 2-3 off-track courses (6-9 hours) from among the off-track electives. These cannot be in a Social Sciences discipline.

Some courses are cross-listed; when this is the case, cross listing designations are indicated within parentheses.  Students cannot take cross-listed courses for credit under both prefixes

*An asterisk [*] indicates an interdisciplinary course.

+Readings courses indicated by a superscript plus sign [+] can be taken up to two times with the consent of the MLA director and relevant department chair.

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