Other Minor Courses for the MLA

Any MLA emphasis-area course outside of the student's chosen track can count toward the off-track elective requirement except as otherwise specified. 


ANT 5053                World Cultures* (cross listed as SOC5053)
ANT 5058                Readings and Research in Anthropology*

Art History

ART 5103                Art of the Non-Western World*
ART 5233                History of American Art*
ART 5293                Contemporary Art*
ART 5783                History of Photography*
ART 6553                Readings in Art History

Communications, Mass Media, Innovative Media

COM 5003                Special topics in Communication
COM 5073                Comic Studies Project (cross-listed as MMC5073)*
COM 5093                Persuasion
COM 5133                Rhetorical Theory*
COM 5141-3             Individual Study
COM 5313                Communications Criticism
COM 5403                Seminar in Communication (Special Topics)
COM 5713                Graphic Novel Seminar (cross listed as MMC5713) *

IMD   5033                Digital Publishing
IMD   5053                Special Topics in Innovative Media

MMC 5043                Media Law and Ethics*
MMC 5071                Independent Study
MMC 5073                Comic Studies Project (cross-listed as COM5073)*
MMC 5113                Advertising Principles and Practices*
MMC 5173                Nonfiction Comics*
MMC 5223                Magazine and Feature Writing*
MMC 5293                Creative Nonfiction*
MMC 5303                Online Journalism
MMC 5443                Special Topics in Mass Media
MMC 5453                Seminar in Mass Media
MMC 5493                Preproduction
MMC 5503                Postproduction
MMC 5713                Graphic Novel Seminar (cross-listed as COM5713)*


ENG 5103                Shakespeare
ENG 5123                Renaissance Literature of England
ENG 5163                Modern Grammar
ENG 5193                Victorian Literature
ENG 5203                English Romantic Literature
ENG 5213                English and Its Development
ENG 5223                American Novel
ENG 5303                Literature of the American South
ENG 5353                Eighteenth-Century English Literature
ENG 5363                The Bible as Literature*
ENG 5373                African American Literature*
ENG 5383                Literature and Film*
ENG 5403                Topics in Women’s Literature*
ENG 5453                Advanced Composition
ENG 5533                Romantic Movement in American Literature
ENG 5563                Literature for Adolescents and Young Adults
ENG 5593                English Novel: 1830-1950
ENG 5603                Contemporary Literature
ENG 5633                Introduction to Literary Criticism
ENG 5643                Rhetoric and Composition
ENG 5653                Medieval Literature
ENG 5663                Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 5673                English Novel to 1830
ENG 5963                Special Topics
ENG 5983                Advanced Creative Writing
ENG 6253                Problems in Interpretation
ENG 6273                Seminar in American Literature
ENG 6283                Seminar in English Literature
ENG 6433                Seminar in Comparative Literature


HIS  5003                Women in Europe from the Fall of Rome to the French Revolution*
HIS  5153                The Rise of American Diversity
HIS  5163                The Age of Social Movements
HIS  5173                Rights, Freedoms and Justice (cross-listed as PSC5173)
HIS  5183                Early Modern Europe, 1350-1789:  Ideas and Culture in a Changing World
HIS  5203                The New World: Cultural Encounters in Latin America and the Atlantic 
HIS  5233                American Foreign Policy*
HIS  5253                African Kingdoms
HIS  5263                Arkansas and the Southwest
HIS  5273                Islam and the West*
HIS  5283                American Constitutional Development*
HIS  5293                The Old South
HIS  5303                Sex and Gender in Africa*
HIS  5333                American Women’s History*
HIS  5343                Africa in the American South
HIS  5373                The African American Experience*
HIS  5443                Medieval Europe:  The Age of Faith*
HIS  5463                Renaissance & Reformation Europe*
HIS  5503                History Internship
HIS  5603                Tudor and Stuart England:  From Reformation to Revolution
HIS  5613                Tudors on Film:  History from Source to Screen*
HIS  5623                Modern German History
HIS  5643                French Revolution and Napoleon
HIS  5683                Modern Middle East
HIS  5693                African History: From Conquest to Independence, 1880 to the Present
HIS  5713                Social and Political Thought (cross-listed as PSC5073) *
HIS  5723                The Paranormal and American Culture*
HIS  5733                Religion in American Life*
HIS  6563                Readings in History
HIS  6583                Research Seminar
HIS  6983                Special Topics in History


PHI  5003                Special Topics  
PHI  5013                Philosophy of Mind
PHI  5043                Ancient Philosophy 
PHI  5053                Modern Philosophy
PHI  5073                20th Century Philosophy 
PHI  5143                Logic II  
PHI  5203                Asian Philosophy 
PHI  5233                Philosophy of Science 
PHI  5253                Existentialism

Political Science

PSC 5053                American Constitutional Development (cross-listed as HIS5283) *
PSC 5073                Social and Political Thought (cross-listed as HIS5073) *
PSC 5093                International Relations
PSC 5103                American Foreign Policy*
PSC 5133                Political Behavior
PSC 5163                Public Policy
PSC 5173                Rights, Freedoms, and Justice (cross-listed as HIS5173)
PSC 5203                Popular Culture and American Politics*
PSC 5223                The American Presidency
PSC 5233                Comparative Politics in the Middle East
PSC 5243                Comparative Politics in Africa
PSC 5253                South Asian Politics
PSC 5303                Research Methods
PSC 6183                Seminar in Politics
PSC 6983                Special Topics in Political Science


SOC 5043                Sociology of Education
SOC 5063                World Cultures (cross-listed as ANT5053) *
SOC 5163                Social Movements and Change
SOC 5183                Death and Dying
SOC 5223                Childhood Socialization
SOC 5253                Group Dynamics
SOC 5273                Community Services
SOC 5263                Stratification and Poverty
SOC 5293                Sex and Gender*
SOC 5303                Urban Sociology*
SOC 5603                Women and Law*


GEO 5043                Geo-Political Economies*
GEO 5213                Human Geography*
LA    6303                Popular Culture*
MUS 6103                Music and Culture*
PSY  5353                Psychology in Literature*
PSY  5723                Psychology of Religion*
THA  5173                Theatre Dramaturgy
THA  5443                Theatre History I: Origins to 1800*
THA  5463                Theatre History II:  1800 to Present*
THA  5473                Women, Gender and Race in American Theatre*

Other graduate courses and newly created graduate courses may apply toward MLA degree with the approval of the MLA director and the Dean of the Graduate School.