Art History Emphasis Requirements


Art History (Revised, pending approval)

In addition to fulfilling the general degree requirements, students will complete the following courses (15-18 hours):

ART  5103                Art of the Non-Western World*
ART  5233                History of American Art*
ART  5293                Contemporary Art*
ART  5783                History of Photography*
ART  6553                Readings in Art History (can be repeated once for credit)+

Students will draw their non-track electives from the following list (2-3 courses):

COM 5713               Graphic Novel Seminar (cross-listed as MMC5713) *
ENG  5103               Shakespeare
ENG  5383               Literature and Film*
HIS    5613               Tudors on Film:  History from Source to Screen*
LA      6303               Popular Culture*
MMC  5293              Creative Nonfiction
MUS   6103              Music and Culture*
THA    5443              Theatre History I: Origins to 1800*
THA    5463              Theatre History II:  1800 to Present*
THA    5473              Women, Gender and Race in American Theatre*

*An asterisk [*] indicates an interdisciplinary course.

+Readings courses indicated by a superscript plus sign [+] can be taken up to two times with the consent of the MLA director and relevant department chair.